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                                    Lights and Bulbs

                                            - What is the proper lighting for my aquarium? please click [Light Choosing Chart]

 Aqua Vim Metal Halide Reef Lighting Systems   

Aqua Vim MH reef lighting systems represent the pride of Aqua Vim as a result of years of scientific research and study in marine animals. They are specially designed for true reef tanks with corals demanding optimum light distribution. If you want to make your corals happy so they stretch out and produce vibrant fluorescent colors for maximum aesthetic enjoyment, an Aqua Vim MH reef lighting system is your best choice. Aqua Vim MH reef light systems help achieve higher wattage per gallon and fuller oceanic light spectrums than any other lights on the market and are ideal for luxurious high tanks like Aqua Vim's Ocean View and Moon View aquariums. Reef light is equipped with 2 separate wires for you to connect with your timer to simulate natural day/night light cycle for facilitating spawn activities of your marine pets.  The 14"-wide 3.5"-high fan-cooled fixture provide maximum wattage and fits in most canopies of Aqua Vim's Ocean View and Moon View aquariums. Magnetic ballasts in our metal halide system design are purposely utilized to start-up slowly to prevent aquatic pets from light shock, and to extend the lives of your bulbs. Both MH and T5 ballasts are all housed in a well-designed remote "heat sink" box that you can place in either horizontal or vertical position to save space in your cabinet. Separately extruded housings divide T5 bulbs from the metal halide bulbs to keep excessive heat from effecting lives of bulbs. Each system includes both metal halide and T5 HO bulbs, suspension kit and supporting legs.

* 24": 448w (1x400w MH + 2x24w T5HO), or 298w (1x250w MH + 2x24w T5HO), for our 55 gal cube bow, 100/118/150/185 gal cylinder, 90/107/115 gal 3-quarter cylinder, 88/105 gal corner,  and 98/118 gal half cylinder tanks.

* 36": 878w (2x400w MH + 2x39w T5HO), or 578w (2x250w MH + 2x39w T5HO), for 88/93/100/110/123/130 gal seamless bow front, 100/120 gal U-shape room divider, 96/98/116/118/138/140/155/186 gal corner, 140/255 gal half cylinder, 165 pillar hider, and 265/280/380 gal cylinder tanks.

* 48": 908w (2x400w MH + 2x54w T5HO), or 608w (2x250w MH + 2x54w T5HO), or 408w (2x150w MH + 2x54w T5HO), for our 155/170 gal seamless bow front, 180 gal U-shape room divider, 180/216 gal corner, 180/220 gal half cylinder, 170 gal piano tanks, and 600 gal cylinder tanks.

* 60": 1360w (3x400w MH + 2x80w T5HO), or 960w (2x400w MH + 2x80w T5HO), for our 200/215/230 gal seamless bow front tanks, and 230 gal piano tanks.

* 72": 1360w (3x400w MH + 2x80w T5HO), or 910w (3x250w MH + 2x80w T5HO), for our 280/300 gal seamless bow front, and 300 gal piano tanks.


    LED Aquarium lights: - Aqua Vim's "Chip-on-board" in LED manufacturing is the newer technology than all the "separate mount LED" that you've likely been seeing somewhere else on the market. Our engineers have successfully extended the technology further by using a series of proprietarily acquired techniques and materials to benefit aquarists specifically. The differences are:

1). Other LED fixtures, usually with more than one projecting, small half-sphere-shape bulbs in a fixture, produce pointy light columns (this makes light spread uneven), double or overlapping shadows (this makes very un-natural), and dizzying effect (this is not fun as you spend long time watching). By comparison, the light emitting units of our LED fixture appears virtually flat on mounting board. When you turn all the strips on, it looks like the entire board is lit up, no pointy light columns, no overlapping shadows, and no dizzying effects.

 2). Many LED manufacturers nowadays advertise that their LED has a life of 50,000 hours or more. The fact you don't usually hear is that a lot of LED's have over 20% light loss (in light terminology it's called "light attenuation") within the first 1,000 hours of use. In other words, LED will probably not die within 50,000 hours, but will definitely reduce its brightness as the time goes - how much it attenuates depends on the technology, materials, craftsmanship, and whether the factory maximizes its lighting capacity (some factories even exceed it and as a result, making it burn brighter but attenuate faster). Our LED's have less than 5% attenuation within the first 3,000 hours. This is an very important benefit for reef tank animals relying on intense light as source of energy, just like plants relying on sun light to grow.

3).  Other LED fixtures are vulnerable to moisture, vibration and handling. Because our "chip-on-board" manufacturing technology seal each group of lighting devices on board with expensive sealing compounds, you can drop the fixture into water and net it back up and still light it up. In order to prevent from malfunction (happen when people waste time trying to program "fancy but useless" settings), our engineers designed these fixtures straight-forward and nonsense free for every hobbyist so they waste no time on setting but spend good time on enjoyment.   

Turn on for long hours, then feel how cool it is with your hand and see how your fish and corals like it with your eyes. Specially, experience and compare ours LED fixtures with others, and trust what it says inside you.

Available in single strip, 4-strip, 7-strip LED fixtures, or high-output LED fixtures, in variety of lengths, shown below:


        High-output LED lights:

Aqua Vim HO LED Light: Finally, a high-output LED light that comes tested with live corals and proves to be another well-designed lighting fixture of Aqua Vim, that provides efficient light intensity for reef setup. With actinic blue and 10,000K white controlled by two separate cords, this light enables you to hook up with timers for easy day/night setting. And because it does not have a program setting screen, it gives you no chance of breaking it as you could do with other fixtures that have complicated setting features that you mostly-likely don't needed. Simply place on top of your tank with the included legs or hang it with the supplied hanging kit and plug in, and your corals will be as happy as you are. This high output LED is specially designed to penetrate deeper reef tanks. Unique "heat sink" design allows heat disperses without use of cooling fans. Remote ballast box with 6ft long cables, and lighting fixture with 3' cable. Each fixture is 5 1/2" wide and 2 1/2" high.

24" LED 4-strip fixture, 82w equal to 820w, 60w 10,000K white + 22w actinic blue.

36" LED 4-strip fixture, 126w equal to 1260w, 90w 10,000K white + 36w actinic blue.

48" LED 4-strip fixture, 163w equal to 1630w, 120w 10,000K white + 43w actinic blue.

60" LED 4-strip fixture, 200w equal to 2000w, 150w 10,000K white + 50w actinic blue.

72" LED 4-strip fixture, 245w equal to 2450w, 180w 10,000K white + 65w actinic blue.

        7-strip LED fixture (Shown below is our "chip-on-board technology" 6-ft long LED lighting fixture, with only 3 of the 7 strips on in the 2 upper pictures and all 7 strips on in the 2 lower pictures):


    7-strip LED fixture, 3 strips of actinic blue and 4 strips of 10,000K white in one fixture. White controlled by one power cord and actinic blue controlled by another cord.  Fixture is 2" thick and 17.5" wide designed for wide range light spread. Comes with suspension racking system.

24" LED 7-strip fixture, 76w equal to 760w.

36" LED 7-strip fixture, 101 equal to 1010w.

48" LED 7-strip fixture, 151w equal to 1510w.

60" LED 7-strip fixture, 176w equal to 1760w.

72" LED 7-strip fixture, 227w equal to 2270w.


        Single strip LED fixture, half actinic blue and half 10,000K white, or all 10,000K white, or all actinic blue. 3" wide x 2" thick.

18" LED fixture: 7.2w equal to 72w

24" LED fixture: 10.8w equal to 108w.

36" LED fixture: 14.4w equal to 144w.

48" LED fixture: 21.6w equal to 216w.

60" LED fixture: 25.2w equal to 252w.

        4-strip LED fixture:

    4-strip LED fixture, half actinic blue and half 10,000K white, white controlled by one power cord and actinic blue controlled by another cord. Fixture is only  6" wide x 2" thick.

24" LED 4-strip fixture, 43.2w equal to 432w.

36" LED 4-strip fixture, 57.6w equal to 576w.

48" LED 4-strip fixture, 86.4w equal to 864w.

60" LED 4-strip fixture, 100.8w equal to 1008w.

72" LED 4-strip fixture, 130w equal to 1300w.

60" LED 7-strip fixture, 178.5w equal to 1785w.

72" LED 7-strip fixture, 226.8w equal to 2268w.

        LED Pendant (high-output) for reef tank:

    LED Pendant (high-output) for reef tank

50w pendant: 11 1/2"L x 9 1/2"W x 7"H        $250/each

100w pendant: 16" x 12" x 8"H                $495/each


Aqua Vim T5 High Output lights:

Aqua Vim Super-Thin T5 HO light: The latest technology in aquarium lighting. Each bulb is thinner and cooler, but twice brighter and last a lot longer than standard fluorescent tube. Aqua Vim Super-Thin T5 High Output light fixtures are only 2" thin, and available in 4-bulb unit and 8-bulb unit. 4-bulb units are 10" wide and come both with supporting legs and hanging kit, while the 17.5" wide 8-bulb units come with fully-adjustable hanging rack system.

* 24", 96w: (3x24w White + 1x24w actinic blue).

* 36", 312w: (6x39w white + 2x39w actinic blue); or 156w: (3x39w white + 1x39w actinic blue).

* 48", 432w: (6x54w white + 2x54w actinic blue); or 216w: (3x54w white + 1x54w actinic blue).

* 60", 640w: (6x80w white + 2x80w actinic blue); or 320w: (3x80w white + 1x80w actinic blue).

* 72", 640w: (6x80w white + 2x80w actinic blue).

Aqua Vim Slim-line T5 HO light: Slim-Line fixtures are stylish and come with supporting legs. These 2 1/2" thick fixtures are available in 2-bulb units and 4-bulb units, 2-bulb units are 7" wide, 4-bulb units are 9 1/2" wide.

24" 48w: (1x24w White + 1x24w actinic blue); or 96w: (3x24w White + 1x24w actinic blue).

36" 78w: (1x39w white + 1x39w actinic blue); or 156w: (3x39w white + 1x39w actinic blue).

48" 108w: (1x54w white + 1x54w actinic blue); or 216w: (3x54w white + 1x54w actinic blue).

60" 160w: (1x80w white + 1x80w actinic blue); or 320w: (3x80w white + 1x80w actinic blue).


Power compact lights:

Power compact fluorescent light: in either Super-Thin or Slim-Line style, come with supporting legs.

*    19" 24w (19"L x 3 1/4"W x 1 1/8"H), 1x24w H-shape 4-pin twin-tube power compact fluorescent light fixture.

*    22", 36w (22"L x 3 1/4"W x 1 1/8"H), 1x36w H-shape 4-pin twin-tube power compact fluorescent light fixture.

*    24", 110w (24"L x 9.5"W x 2 1/2"H), 2x 55w H-shape straight-pin twin-tube power compact fluorescent bulbs

*    24", 220w (24"L x 14"W x 2 1/2"H), 4x 55w H-shape straight-pin twin-tube power compact fluorescent bulbs.

*    36", 110w (36"L x 9 1/2"W x 2 1/2"H), 2 x 55W H-shape straight-pin twin-tube power compact fluorescent bulbs.

*    48", 220w (48"L x 9 1/2W x 2 1/2"H), 4 x 55W H-shape straight-pin twin-tube power compact fluorescent bulbs.

*    60",220w (60"L x 9 1/2W x 2 1/2"H), 4 x 55W H-shape straight-pin twin-tube power compact fluorescent bulbs.

*    72", 330w (72"L x 9 1/2W x 2 1/2"H), 6 x 55W H-shape straight-pin twin-tube power compact fluorescent bulbs.


Metal halide Pendant:

400w metal halide pendant light, 17"L x 11"W x 6"H, with electronic ballast, and choice of 10,000k, 14,000k or 20,000k bulb. The light-weigh, remote electronic ballast included comes with short wires unconnected with the pendant unit. This enables the user to extend his wire length to reach his power outlet far from his aquarium.


Other lights:


       14" 6w T5 actinic blue moon light                    Submersible light w/2x20W lamps                        Submersible tube lights


UV lights:


          UV sterilizer -7/9/13/15/20/25/30/36w for tank 50 to 500 gallon tanks                                      


 Multiple UV sterilizer set for large tanks or pools from 1000 gallons to 500,000 gallons 


UV + filter for aquarium store (2,500 to 10,000 gallons)                                           


Metal halide bulbs, 150/250/400w in 10,000K, 14,000K, or 20,000K.


  Warning: Never place any metal halide lighting system directly onto glass top - you must use the included supporting legs or hanging kit to keep the lighting fixture minimum 4 inches (5~7" preferable) away from tank glass. If provided legs are not high enough, you must use appropriate objects beneath to raise the height of the light. Although our Aqua Vim reef lighting system is equipped with cooling fans,  it is very important, that if you use this system inside of a canopy, be sure to mount at lease one 4 3/4" cooling fan on top or back of the canopy, so that the heat being blown out of the lighting fixture can be further brought out of the canopy. For better heat escape, open or remove the cover on top of the canopy and mount two 4 3/4" cooling fans at the back of canopy with one fan blowing in and the other blowing out. You must keep the fans on while using any of the metal halide. Having metal halide light inside canopy without cooling fan mounted on the canopy could invalidate the warranty of your aquarium or lighting fixture, or both.

[Aqua Vim Light System Warranty]